Monday, May 17 2004

Fight capitalism from the inside

I was reading how Rabble will now set up an offshore office in India for his company. He wonders whether he's not shooting himself in the foot by contributing to thrive the global competition.
I posted a comment related to a question I currently have myself, that is: can you fight capitalism from the inside? It was maybe a bit of a naive question. We all live inside. We have jobs (some of us), make money, spend... We maintain the system.

However, it leads to the assumption that you can push for a change only "after hours", in your free time, or in the choices you make to spend your money. There is no other alternative than giving your energy to the capitalist machine.

I beg to differ here. I think you can find a way of living without giving too much of yourself to something you don't believe in.
Obviously, working for an private corporation involved in international competition makes it difficult. Although that's what I'm doing at the moment, I chose to change my career path and not to work for private companies anymore. This is not a turn you can take in a snap, but it's underway, as my project is taking shape.

Working for communities, as a government agent, or for international institutions, can also be very rewarding and fulfilling, while not supporting the profit machine system.


Comment from: space [Visitor]

Can you fight the capitalism from inside ? Well, we're all inside, except people from north korea. So the real question is maybe, can we fight against capitalism ?

But why do we need to fight against it ? Shouldn't we fight with it, for a better capitalism ?
I do believe capitalism is not such a bad thing, and anyway it's the choice of most of the humans on earth, even former communist countries like USSR & China are no jumping into it (and maybe too fast).
Maybe we should simply fight for a better live for everyone on earth.
Permalink Thursday, May 20 2004 @ 19:58
Comment from: Red Baron [Visitor] ·
It isn't really as if we have a choice, it is foisted on us, mostly by the US, if you don't believe me look at Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Iraq, Chile. Then move on from there. Capitalism is a system designed to favour the few by the exploitation of the many. This is not a good system but it is the current one we live under. We have the choice to live with it or seek to bring about its downfall. I favour the latter
Permalink Saturday, May 22 2004 @ 02:10
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